2. Everything I wish I knew when I joined Tumblr. Basically this is a collection of things that will make Tumblr easier to use :D


    How to: Enable your Tumblr ask box
    How to tag
    How to tag asks
    How to have posts show up/not show up
    Trigger Warnings
    Tumblr Savior
    How to Report a blog 


    How to install a theme
    Theme Directory 
    My Favorite Theme Makers (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
    How to: Add links to your Tumblr description/sidebar
    Icon Finder
    Help picking a color scheme to match your icon
    How to Install Updates Tab (X)
    Updates Tab Masterpost
    How to add a music player (X) (X
    Transparent Images and Pixels (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
    HTML Color Codes
    Creating a poll on Tumblr
    Creating a countdown  
    How to create a re-direct page
    Blogrolls, Family, Follow Forever 
    How to make a network
    How to Install a Navigation Page
    HTML Codes 
    HTML Help & Codes
    Tumblr Formatting Cheatsheat
    Theme making tutorial
    Tumblr Blog that helps people with tumblr related issues

    *Remember most theme makers will answer questions about there them or already have FAQ Page to make it easier for you to use

    Photoshop/Photoshop Resources

    Tutorial for saving Photoshop (windows)
    Masterpost for downloading Photoshop
    How to make a Gif
    Learn the Basics of Photoshop
    Beginner Tutorials for Photoshop
    Photoshop Graphic Masterposts
    Photoshop Tutorial Masterpost 
    Textures Guide
    Photoshop Help Blog 
    Photoshop Help Blog
    HQ Celebrity Gallery Masterpost

    Alternatives to Photoshop

    Animating Program
    Digital painting Program
    Art Program/Photo Editor
    Queeky Paint
    Art Program
    Drawing Program
    Graphic’s Program
    Free Art Programs Masterpost


    Supernatural Reaction Gifs
    Reaction Gifs 
    Reaction Gifs
    Reaction Gifs
    Reaction Gifs
    Online Gif Maker 
    Online Gif Maker 
    Online Gif Maker 
    Online Gif Maker


    Quick Meme Maker
    Pie Chart Maker
    Meme Generator 
    Meme Maker


    How to write Fanfiction
    Avoiding mistakes when writing fanfiction
    10 Tips to Writing Fanfiction
    How to Submit a Fanfiction to Fanfiction.Net 
    Writing Fiction Plans
    Writing Templates
    Novel Outline
    34 Writing Tips
    How to write a Character
    Tips on writing a Character 
    Character writing Masterpost
    Writing Masterpost (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
    Diverse Character Writing Masterpost 
    Detailed Character template
    How to write different Body types (X) (X)
    Surnames MasterPost
    Synonyms MasterPost
    Creating an OC Masterpost                                                 
    Writing Folklore, Myth and Creatures Masterpost                     
    How to write Ancient Rome England  Viking Age Victorian Age Middle Ages 50’s Wild West
    Other things to help your Writing  (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X)
    How to RP Masterpost
    Roleplay Terms
    RP Guide
    RP Help Masterpost


    Help Fact Check Tumblr Posts
    Urban Dictionar
    See if your about to hit post limit
    In case you update software and it sucks 
    Writing, Graphics, Textures, Themes Masterpost
    Massive Masterpost included Writing & Art
    Tutorial Master Post

    I hope that this survival guide has helped you with any tumblr related issues, have a great day. 

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  3. Bo2Loz we MaMa Nagwa Bo’loz and Mama Nagwa(inspired by 80’s/90’s Egyptian children’s show) :

    Konna we were A3deen sitting Ana me we okhty my sis we akhoya my brother we mamty and my mom benetfarag 3ala Mama Nagwa watching  Mama Nagwa zay ba2y like the rest of sha3b masr the People of Egypt. 

    ana akher el 3an2ood I’m the youngest sibling 3ala fekra by the way we kan beyt3mel feya ma2aleb keteer and i got pranked alot. El mohem More importantly fee youm one day Mama Nagwa sa2alet Bo2loz Mama Nagwa asked Bo’loz ” howa enta do you betghsel brush senanak your teeth wala la2 or not?” Bo2loz tab3an Bo’loz of course la beyghsel senano doesn’t brush his teeth wala neela or shit. 

    ba3den Then basset Mama Nagwa Mama Nagwa looked fee el kamera at the camera we 2alet and said ” we atfalna and our children fel beit at home, elly beyghsel senano who brush their teeth yerfa3 raise eedo your hand”

    Okhty we akhoya My brother and my sister rafa3o edehom raised their hands besor3a quickly we 2alouly and they told me “erfa3y eedek erfa3y! raise your hand raise it!” 

    " 3ashan Mama Nagwa because Mama Nagwa 3andaha has a telefizion soghayar small television 2odamha in front of her betshofna she sees us feeh on” tab3an of course ana eftakarto I thought it was ma2lab a prank mn ma2alebhom el baykha one of their annoying pranks (Elly sa3at that sometimes mamty my mom kanet would beteshterek feeha take part in). We 3amalt nafsy And I acted like a nas7a smartass we nafdetlehom and I ignored them.

    We akhdet And I got akbar the biggest sadma shock fee el khamas in the five seneen years elly 3eshtohom that I had lived lama when seme3t I heard Mama Nagwa bet2ol Mama Nagwa say ” eh dah? what is this ana shayfa I see? wahda one feeko of you msh raf3a edha not raising her hand.

    Ana weshy My face e7marr turned red we esfarr and turned yellow, ezay how can Mama Nagwa tefteker Mama Nagwa think en ana that I mesh don’t baghsel brush senany my teeth. We 2a3dt And I sat abl before kol each 7ala2a episode akon ana I’d be lebest dressed we et2antekt and groomed we 2a3dt and I sat farda dahry with my back straight we meraba3a eedy and my arms folded we ay and any so2al question Mama Nagwa tes2aloh Mama Nagwa asks arod I reply 3aleh to.  

    Painting: ZekrayatMemories

  4. Upside down

    this is how the world feels sometimes

  5. Imhotep  “the one who comes in peace”

    is a polymath known as the first physician, the first engineer, and the first architect. Also known as a poet and philosopher.


  6. "Don’t you dare
    Shrink yourself
    For someone else’s comfort -
    Do not become small
    For people who refuse to grow."
    — m.v., Advice to my future daughter, #2. (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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  7. Soad Hosny : Ya Wadd Ya Tageil - Created at yt2gif.com - Imgur


  8. Crows’ winter roost.

  10. shahirraaa:

    one day i’ll find a way to live underwater. then i’m coming for my friends.